Google Certified Trainer

Four Reasons to Become a Google Certified Trainer (By HKTE Academy: KC Liu)

  • The Networking… The best part of the Google Teacher Academy is the people you meet.
  • You will belong to an exclusive group of teachers – all very passionate about technology in education and all eager to help.
  • You get to learn from Google experts and mingle with “Googlers” (the name for people who actually work at Google).
  • You become part of a Google Certified Teachers Group with daily communication on what is happening in the Google world, and a place to ask for help and advice.

如何成為Google認證講師(Google Certified Trainer)

以下infographic, 影片和電子書將詳細說明成為Google認證講師的六個步驟驟和成為Google認證講師的過程非常具有挑戰性,並非適合所有人。想成為Google認證講師,您必須於申請過程中展示您的培訓經驗以及對G Suite for Education的深入知識。


Google認證講師(Google Certified Trainer)的申請問題


想看看申請時要填寫的問題? 這裹有一個包含所有申請問題的Google文檔,您無需登錄即可查看問題。故此,您便可以事先預備答案。