Five Reasons to Become a Certified Teacher (By HKTE Academy: KC Liu)

  • You can train teachers in your district with this certification and have the backing from Google.
  • The testing process helps you learn a lot about all Google Apps for Education.
  • You can get paid to train others on Google tools and even help them gain certification.
  • You become part of a Google Education Trainer group of teachers who can help you with problems and answer questions.
  • You get to put the certification badge (pictured above) on your website or training materials.

In case of any problem during Exam, please complete the Exam Support Form with any questions or feedback on the Google for Education certification exams.

教育者除可考慮自學外,亦可考慮由 Google for Education Partner 舉辦的短期培訓課程。部份Partner更提供優惠價格予HKACE會員。

有關Google for Education Partner/ 有關短期培訓課程,你可以參考以下網址:

HKTE 專業發展學院 (HKACE會員報讀 GCE Level1或Level2 課程可獲優惠,詳情請與學院查詢)